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PostHeaderIcon The Best Toy Ever!

I realize I’ve done a pretty bad job of posting ‘good buys’ so far, so allow me to begin with a truly GREAT BUY! The Plasma Car!

I first discovered these amazing rides at a friends house 7 months ago. My toddler and I couldn’t stop riding them around and so it was decided that this must be a Christmas gift. I ordered ours from, but they appear to no longer be taking orders. Bummer! But is! Now, it’s important that I note here that Skitter cars sell GEL WHEELS for an extra price, and these wheels are KEY to making this amazing toy ride smooth, fast, and safely all around the interior of your home. Yes, this toy can be ridden outside. In fact, if you don’t change out the original plastic wheels,  you will have to, as they could damage your floors. (Not to mention the ride will be bumpier and not nearly as fun). Upon looking at PlasmaCar’s website, I don’t see any gel wheels for purchase, so perhaps you could do what some have done and buy 4 roller blade wheels to attach instead of those included; the idea is the same.

All you have to do to ride this car around is to gently wiggle the steering wheel back and forth and it moves forward! It’s so simple, even my 10 month old can ride it! (Which is pretty stinkin’ cute!) And, what’s truly amazing, is it can hold up to 220 lbs! (So dads can ride too!) And trust me, they’ll want to!

If you really want to make your kids happy for their next birthday/holiday, buy them a plasma car. It will give them YEARS of fun, keep them active and fit, and will even help you feel like a kid again as  you enjoy riding this car all around. (I highly recommend purchasing two as it’s a lot of fun to race and ride around on together. Not to mention, this is one toy your kids WILL fight over).

Plasma cars can be found all over the internet and in educational kids stores, from, to Look around and find the best deal, but know that no matter what price you find, you and your kids will get more than your money’s worth out of it.